Welcome to Dialogica: Thinking-Through Voyant!

Welcome to Dialogica: Thinking-Through Voyant!

Dialogica: Thinking-Through Voyant (DTTV) is a textbook for learning computer-assisted text analysis with Voyant and Spyral. It complements our book Hermeneutica: Computer-Assisted Interpretation in the Humanities (MIT Press, 2016).

Do you need online teaching ideas and materials? Dialogica was supposed to be a text book, but instead we are adapting it for use in online learning and self-study. It is shared here under a CC BY 4.0 license so you can adapt as needed.

Note: We are writing this one chapter every couple of days. Send links and thoughts to @VoyantTools on Twitter.


  1. Introduction: What is Dialogica? What is our pedagogical philosophy and our model for using these?

    Play an introductory video welcoming you to Voyant

  2. E-Texts and Analysis: Introducing Voyant and text analysis.

    Download: Walkthrough 1: What is an electronic text and how can we study it?

  3. Studying a Text: How to prepare a text and explore it.

    Download: Walkthrough 2: Studying a Text

  4. Sharing Results: Exporting and Embedding: How to share interactive Voyant panels in an online paper.

    Download: Walkthrough 3: Sharing Results: Exporting and Embedding

  5. Managing Corpora with Spreadsheets or XML: How to use either spreadsheets or XML to manage a collection of documents.

    Download: Walkthrough 4: Managing Corpora with Spreadhseets and XML

  6. Exploring a Corpus with Text Mining Tools: How to use text mining tools to develop conjectures about a collection.

    Download: Walkthrough 5: Exploring A Text

  7. Following a Theme Through a Text

  8. Salient Words: How to use the Visualizations, Corpus Terms and Document Terms tools to see what words stand out.

    Download: Walkthrough 7: Salient Words

  9. The Arc of a Project
  10. Comparing Texts
  11. Other courses and useful links

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